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Dr. Ginger Iwaoka

Veterinary Liaison
Kelly Flanigan DVM

Study Groups Directors and Members

~ Laurie Isaacson, Director
Karen McDonnell
Judy Force, DVM

~ Darlene Chirolas, Director
Dr. Kely Flannigan, DVM
John Wilson, Ph.D

Juvenile Renal Failure
~ Michele Wrath, Director
Carola Adams
Sharon Boyd
Deby Harber
James W. Smith
Julia Soukup
SarahAnne Vancleeve

Copper Storage Disease
~ Ann Ball, Director
Barb Alison
Jeff Gillespie
Cindy Gootee
Sue MacMillan
Tracie Tepke
Elizabeth Zedel
Debbie Zink

~ inactive pending research project results

Urinary Stones
~ Tracie Tepke, Director
Carla Baker
Laurie Issacson
Tana Rugg
Julia Soukup

Canine Orthopedics
~ Dr. Beth Bauer, DVM, Director

~ Elizabeth Dell, Director
Maureen Hugunin

Study Group on Cardiac
~ Laura Olsen, Director
Carol Jennings
Kelly Flannigan, DVM

DCA members who want to participate in Health & Research Committee projects should contact Ginger Iwaoka.
Thank you.

Purina Parent Club Partnership Program
Click here for DCA earnings information.

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    The DCAF & DCA, with the support of the CHF, is sponsoring a study which might help determine if there is an inherited link to kidney disease in the Dalmatian breed. We are hoping to find the genetic marker and a DNA test for Juvenile Renal Disease in Dalmatians. Below is a flyer with information on how you can help if you have an affected Dalmatian. .

    Do you own a Dalmatian that has been diagnosed with kidney disease or is related to one with kidney disease? Click here for Kidney Flyer for information on how you can help.

    Study outline and Owner Consent Form.

    Status Update Document
    (Release date: December 2, 2015)

    You can also get DNA blood draws on your dog and you can submitt them through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.
    Instructions for Blood Draw Samples.

( Prevention and Treatment ) 


OFA Grant Funding Press Release - Oct 2012
Dog Disease Research - Newsletter 2012

The ACT and SFT believe that companion animals not intended for breeding should be spayed or neutered; however, both organizations believe that the decision to spay or neuter a pet must be made on a case by case basis, taking into consideration the pet's age, breed, sex, intended use, household environment and temperament. The use of generalized rules concerning gonadectomy (removal of the ovaries or testes) is not in the best interest of the health or well-being of the pets or their owners.
For detailed information on this position statement: Mandatory Spay Neuter Information

"Pedigrees and Genes - Using Pedigrees to Track Inherited Disorders"

ISD Recommendations

Hearing Recommendations

Orthopedic Foundation For Animals
Online database of hip, elbow, hearing, eye, thyroid and cardiac status of sumbitted dogs

Visit the Dalmatian Club of America Foundation web site for more Health and Research project information as well as How to Contribute to the future health of our wonderful Dalmatians.

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