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Information on Urinary Stones & Treatment

The Prevention and Treatment of Urinary Stones

HTML File: Emergency Procedures for Obstructed Stone-Forming Dalmatians

HTML File: General Preventatives for Stone-Forming Dalmatians

HTML File: Dipsticking to Monitor Stone-Forming Dalmatians

HTML File: Pamphlet Summarizing Essential Information on Stone Forming in Dalmatians.

    Single left click on link to download Pamphlet and freely distribute.

HTML File: Tabulation of Purine-Yielding Foods

HTML File: Urinary Stone-Forming in Dalmatians and Other Dogs

HTML File: DCA Teaching Seminar by Joseph Bartges, DVM, PhD

HTML File: Fifteen Years' Data of Almost 3,000 Dalmatian Urinary Stones

HTML File: ID Chart for Pathologic Canine Crystals in Urine (PDF in color)

HTML File: ID Chart for Pathologic Canine Crystals in Urine (PDF in B&W)

DCAF Funded Stone Study

CLICK HERE to particpate in this important study!

We need BOTH stone-forming Dal owners as well as NON stone-forming Dal owners to complete this survey in order to make the statistical results relevant. Contribute to the statistical baseline for our breed. Do it today!

CLICK HERE to become a Supporter of Urinary Stone Research!

Your donation is tax-deductible and will go towards advancing your DCAF lifetime participation level.

to the supporters of this invaluable research!   Click here to see list of contributors.

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