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Important Information for Dalmatian Judges Regarding Tricolor
For the AKC Judges Newsletter
November 2007
From The Dalmatian Club of America
There have been several unfortunate disqualifications of Dalmatians recently, and the Dalmatian Club of America Board of Governors wants to remind all judges of Dalmatians what the Dalmatian standard means when it defines tricolor.

AKC Dalmatian Standard (1989):

“Tricolor (which occurs rarely in this breed) is a disqualification. It consists of tan markings found on the head, neck, chest, leg or tail of a black or liver-spotted dog. Bronzing of black spots, and fading and/or darkening of liver spots due to environmental conditions or normal processes of coat change are not tri-coloration.”

A few important points to remember:
  • True tricolor in the Dalmatian is rare, actually very rare.
  • Tricolor is TAN markings on a black or liver dog.
  • If a tricolor pattern is present, the TAN spots will occur in the same area as the rust or tan areas in a Doberman, Rottweiler, or Black and Tan Coonhound – head, throat, forechest, legs – NOT on the back or sides.

  • Tricolor is NOT stray black spot(s) on a liver dog, or liver spot(s) on a black dog.
  • Tricolor is NOT liver hairs in a black spot or black hairs in a liver spot.
  • Tricolor is NOT spots that are hard to distinguish between black and liver.
  • Tricolor is NOT the common variations of shades of color in liver spots or black spots.
TriColor Spots on a Black Spotted Dalmatian

Judges who have further questions about this are invited to peruse our web site www.thedca.org that includes our Illustrated Standard on-line. Hard copies are also available. Of course, any of our mentors listed would be happy to discuss this with you. Thank you for your attention to this definition.

J. Charles Garvin, M.D.
Dalmatian Club of America

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