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The Following is Show Site Criteria for Hosting a DCA National Specialty.

Central Hall which will allow dogs:
  • Ballroom large enough to accommodate two rings of 50' by 40' with a minimum of 5 foot space between the rings and seating space around the rings or if it is a site which is located in an area of the country which weather is good at that time of our show, the ground may have an area, other the dog exercise area, which can accommodate the two rings of 50' by 40'..

  • Accommodations for 10 or more vendors in 10' x10' close to the rings.

  • Meeting room for the Board and Committees (up to 15 people)

  • Banquet Catering Service for parties of 200 to 350 (preferred banquet rooms separate from the Show room) and ability to serve Judges Lunches in a private meeting room.

  • Restaurants with 24 hour service preferred. Exercise area for the dogs with an easy access for puppies to get from the room to the exercise area. The areas should be level and light. It is best if they do not have a lot of stairs or though the Lobby. (Tall hotels make it very hard to get puppies out by elevators only.)

  • Room for health clinics.

  • Hotel willing to work with DCA on Contractual agreement (e.g. Number of rooms used to get less cost for ballroom).

  • RV accommodations at the hotel or close by the hotel. We should have about 25 spaces at least. Honey truck and water must be available.

  • The majority of the DCA members are over 50 years of age. Handicap facilities for the events are necessary.
  • Large enough to fly in dogs from any where in the country with few airplane changes.

  • Within one hour of hotel.

  • Easy to obtain transportation to hotel.

Performance Sites:
  • Closer to Hotel the better
  • Obedience and Rally are preferred to be located at hotel.
  • Agility preferred dirt, next padded floor. Hard concrete is not best for dogs jumping.
  • Road Trial has to have stable for rental of horses and accommodations for renting stalls. The track must be able to be set up so that it is not repeating over a one mile or less loop. 6 mile loop would be preferred this would allow the vet check to remain in the same spot.

  • Tracking field where local tracking club have used is preferred, if no local tracking clubs field recommendations are available. The field must not contain weeds that are dangerous to the dogs.

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