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Annual membership dues are $35 for adults, and $10 for junior members. Membership dues are due on July 1 of each year; and, if unpaid as of August 31, will lapse retroactively to July 1.

Club membership includes receiving all materials from DCA digitally - electronic balloting, a pdf membership booklet, and viewing the Spotter online at http://thespotter.org

Printed materials are available at the following additional annual amounts:

    U.S. Members
    Printed Spotter -- $10
    Printed Spotter with Priority-mailing -- $40
    Printed Membership Booklet -- $5
    Mailed Ballots -- $15
    Canadian Members
    Printed Spotter -- $15
    Printed Membership Booklet -- $5
    Mailed Ballots -- $15
    All Other International Members
    Printed Spotter -- $20
    Printed Membership Booklet -- $10
    Mailed Ballots -- $20

Dalmatian Club of America Foundation (DCAF)
While renewing your dues, please consider making a donation to DCAF.
Funds will be transferred to DCAF and you will receive a donation receipt from DCAF.
All amounts are welcomed and appreciated.

Payment Methods

By check, payable to DCA, mailed to:

    Paula Olcott
    23614 - 212th Ave SE
    Maple Valley, WA 98038

By charge card: DCA SQUARE Account

By PayPal Invoice
Email treasurer@thedca.org
Please include a note with any add-ons you wish -- printed Spotter, printed membership booklet, mailed ballots, priority mail for US members and/or DCAF donation amount.

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