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General Dog Information

Just over half of all respondents obtained their dog(s) from a breeder other than themselves.

Figure 8 - Where Dog Owners Obtained their Dog(s)

The average weight of a Dalmatian in pounds is 55.3 lbs with an average height at the shoulders of 22.7 inches. Female dogs on average weigh 12lbs less than males and are 1.6 inches shorter.

Figure 9 - The Average Weight and Height of Dogs by Gender

Four out of five dog owners describe their dogs as being of average or of optimum weight (82%). However, 11% of dogs are considered overweight by their owners: 14% of female dogs and 8% of male dogs.

Figure 10 - Adult Dog Weight Characteristics

The majority of Dalmatians have a diet of dry food (55%). The second most common diet type is dry and home prepared food at 18%.

Figure 11 - Dog Diet Characteristics

87% of dogs receive annual vaccinations according to survey respondents. Figure 11 illustrates the percent of each type of vaccination, with canine distemper virus being the most common with 95% of dogs receiving this vaccination.

Figure 12 - Adult Dog Vaccination Characteristics

According to survey respondents 65% of dogs take heartworm medicine and 33% of these dogs receive the medicine all year round. Heartgard was the most often-cited heartworm product (52%) with Interceptor being the second most common at 22%.

Figure 13 - Heartworm Medication Product Name

Six out of 10 dogs spend their days free in the house.

The question was asked of owners if their dog(s) slept in their beds and the responses were basically evenly spilt:

  • 31% never
  • 33% sometimes
  • 34% usually.

Figure 14 - How is your Dog Primarily Housed during the Day?

Six out of 10 Dalmatians in the survey live with other dogs of the same sex.

Figure 15 - Dogs Living with Other Dogs of the Same Sex

35% of all bitches in the survey were bred verses 29% of all male dogs.
More bitches were sterilized than male dogs as well, 67% verses 58% respectively.

Figure 16 - Breeding Information

The average age of a bitch having a litter was 4.0 years of age. The average litter size was 7.9 puppies per litter, based on 237 bitches having litters.

Refer to Figure 18 for a graphical illustration of litter information.

Table 17 - Number and Size of Litters

On average there were 0.7 stillborn puppies per litter for bitches of all ages. Bitches aged seven however had a significantly higher number of stillborn puppies per litter 1.6 more than double the average.

Table 18 - Stillborn and Weaning Litter Information

Figure 19 graphically represents litter information by age of bitches.

Figure 19 - Graphical Representation of Litter Information

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