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  There is an exciting bonus prize program designed to encourage DCA members to participate in the CHIC program. for more information.

Please direct any questions to Cheryl Bryant



Online Futurity Forms
Online Futurity Payments

The purpose of the Futurity Stake is to encourage the breeding of the best possible Dalmatian and to reward the breeders for their efforts. For this reason, the stakes are weighted in favor of the breeder, who is the one that chooses the sire, nominates the bitch before whelping, raises the litter, and often even pays the entry fees for the individual puppies.

Purina Sponsored Trophy for Futurity Winner
The Dalmatian Club of America Inc. gratefully acknowledges the support from Purina and the Pro Plan Futurity Alliance to enhance our club's efforts in advancing the excellence of the Dalmatian through quality breeding, care and health programs.

Futurity Litter Nomination Information & Forms:

    Futurity Nomination Fees

    Bitch Nominations - $20.00
    Puppy Nominations - $10.00

There are three ways to complete the nomination process:

  1. Nominate your Bitch/ Litter or puppies online:
    Click here for Online Instructions & Forms.
        * Preferred*

  2. Fill out the forms, print them out and mail them in:

  3. Drop me a note and I will send you paper forms in the mail to complete and return.

Questions or inquiries may be sent to:

2020 Futurity Information

2020 Futurity Judge:

The 2020 Futurity is open to puppies whelped between 11/16/19 to 11/6/2019.

Futurity questions or inquiries may be sent to:
Cheryl Bryant
1319 Gabriel Court
Mount Vernon, IA 52314-9564
Email:  futurity@thedca.org

On-Line Futurity Information

You may nominate a bitch/litter or a puppy on-line. No judge nominating or voting will be done on-line.

You must have a valid email address. The entire bitch/puppy nomination process will be completed on-line. An email confirmation will be sent to you when your nomination is recorded by the Futurity Chair. It is your responsibility to print and keep your confirmations.

You may submit your nomination fees in one of two different methods. You may use Paypal to submit your payment on-line with a credit or debit card, if you prefer you can mail a check. Using Paypal requires a small surcharge. You must mail or submit your payment to reach the Chairman within 10 working days from the date you submitted your nomination. Per Futurity rules your payment must be postmarked or submitted before your litter is whelped. Your payment for puppy nominations must be postmarked or transmitted before they reach four months of age.

On the forms you must make an entry in every field. If a field doesn't apply enter only the word NONE. Example you don't belong to the Purina Pro Plan Club, enter the word NONE in that field.

Please note that the breeder field is called primary breeder. List only one name in this field. Example "Tom Smith". Do not list several co-breeders. The person named as the primary breeder will receive all communications dealing with the Futurity. Listing co-breeders on the co-breeder field is optional. No co-breeders, enter only the word NONE in the co-breeder field.

In the primary owners field on the puppy form, list only one name in the field. Example Mary Smith or Tom and Mary Smith. You may list co-owners in the co-owner field.

When you are satisfied with all the entries on the form click the submit button. Print and save it. Mail your check or submit your payment immediately. After the chairman receives it you will receive an e-mail with your bitches or puppies nomination number. Print and save it.


The Dalmatian Club of America Futurity and the Dalmatian Club of America Foundation is offering a "bonus cash prize" as an incentive program to increase DCA member's participation in health screenings and data collection.

To encourage the health testing and screening of Dalmatian breeding stock, the Dalmatian Club of America Foundation (DCAF) will offer the following special prizes. These prizes shall be awarded only if the Sire and Dam are CHIC listed. The Sire and Dam shall be deemed CHIC listed if they appear on the CHIC data base 10 days before the judging of the Futurity. These prizes do not require any changes to the Futurity rules.

  1. Breeder(s) of the Best In Futurity winner shall be awarded $500.00 in aggregate by DCAF.

  2. Owner(s) of the Sire of the Best in Futurity winner shall be awarded $500.00 in aggregate by DCAF.

  3. Owner(s) of the Sire and Breeder of the best junior or senior that does not win Best in Futurity shall be awarded $200.00 in aggregate each by DCAF.

  4. The Futurity chairman shall determine the eligibility of the winners as soon as possible after the conclusion of Futurity judging. If possible the special prizes shall be awarded during the awards banquet held in conjunction with the DCA specialty.

Note that becoming CHIC listed requires no special effort by the owners of Dalmatians. It is automatic after the owners have completed the 3 basic health screenings [hearing, eyes and hips] and are permanently identified and agree to have the results appear in the open data base. Since CHIC lists both normal and abnormal results no Dalmatian is prevented from participating in the Futurity.

Please direct any questions to Cheryl Bryant at futurity@thedca.org

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