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In order to recognize the endurance capabilities of the Dalmatian, the Dalmatian Club of America has enacted a membership recognition program to encourage and reward club members who spend a significant amount of time logging mileage with a Dalmatian in an approved endurance activity.

Any DCA member in good standing, who registers yearly for the program and keeps an official log ("Distance Log Record") of mileage traversed in any of the listed activities with any Dalmatian, will receive recognition from the Road Trial Committee, according to the number of miles logged.

The DCA member may record mileage traversed when he/she participates with a Dalmatian in any of the following activities:

  • Road Trials
  • Horseback riding
  • Cart/carriage driving
  • Bike riding
  • Walking/Jogging/Hiking
  • Cross-country skiing, snowshoeing
  • 4-wheeling

Enrolled members may record mileage from any combination of the above activities. Members may petition to have an alternate activity approved by sending a written request to the Road Trial Committee.

Members may enroll in the program at any time during the year and must enroll annually. Awards will be calculated by the calendar year, January 1 through December 31 of each year. The Distance Log Record will be due to the co-chairman for Distance Log Program by January 31 of the following year.

Members may enroll by filling out the first page of the Distance Log Record and returning the completed first page to the co-chairman for Distance Log Program, along with a yearly recording fee of $20.00.

Enrolled members who accumulated 100 miles or more with their Dalmatian during the calendar year will receive awards at the following levels of recognition.

Bronze: 100 miles
Silver: 250 miles
Gold: 500 miles
Platinum: 1,000 miles (accumulative year to year)

Enrolled members who accumulate 1000 miles over a period of years will receive an award for the Platinum Level of recognition. Members may reach the Platinum Level more than once, and will be recorded as Platinum I, Platinum II, etc.

Members who obtain one of the recognition levels during the calendar year will receive a certificate of achievement, and a t-shirt. Bronze, silver, gold, and platinum achievers will have their name and the name(s) of their dog(s) printed yearly in the Spotter.


Q: How do I measure my mileage?
A: Learning to estimate mileage is an important aspect of Road Trial preparation and Dalmatian conditioning. There are several acceptable ways of estimating mileage (i.e. driving the route used, using an area map to gauge mileage, using a GPS) use the one best suited to your activity.

Q: What is the fee for?
A: The fee covers the cost of the certificate, the t-shirt and mailing expenses.

Q: Do I, myself, need to be completing exercise?
A: You are required to complete mileage with your Dalmatian. You may complete that mileage on foot, in a vehicle, or on horseback, and be eligible for the program. Since this is a "membership" recognition program, miles logged by the dog alone (such as on a treadmill), will not be eligible for recognition.

Q: Does my Dalmatian need to be AKC registered?
A: No. Mileage logged with any purebred Dalmatian may be recorded. Members who reach the upper levels of recognition may have a photo of themselves and their dog(s) printed in the Spotter, so we encourage members to be honest in this respect. If a member is unsure if their un-registered Dalmatian is a "purebred," the member may wish to ask the opinion of a veterinarian, an experienced Dalmatian breeder, or may send photos to the Road Trial Committee for an opinion.

Q: I walk with two Dalmatians. Does this mean I may record double the mileage?
A: No. Although you may record mileage logged with different Dalmatians, you may only count the miles that you actually traverse. You may divide the mileage logged between Dalmatians (i.e., 10 miles traversed, each dog is logged for 5 miles).

Q: I jog more than 100 miles per year, but less than 250. Will my "extra" miles be recorded for the "Platinum" level?
A: Yes. All mileage that you turn in will be recorded, and will accumulate toward the Platinum level.

CONTACT INFORMATION: For information regarding the Distance Log Program or to obtain a copy of the Distance Log Record and enrollment form, you may contact:

Rosie Branaman
1624 Kiwi Ave.
Boone, IA 50036-7146
Email Rosie

Peggy Strupp
PO Box 22
11539 Hwy 16
Crane, MT 59217
Email Peggy

DISTANCE LOG FORM: Click on the link for a downloadable, printable Distance Log Record and Enrollment form.

Thank you for your interest in the Distance Log Program.


The Road Trial Committee

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