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The Dalmatian Club of America
Bibliography of Suggested Reading Matter

1. The Official Book Of The Dalmatian
The Dalmatian Club Of America
T.F.H. Publications, (1997)

2. All About Dalmatians 
Kathy McCoubrey
Alpine Publications (2004)

3. The Dalmatian:
An owners guide to a Happy Healthy Pet
Patti and Rod Strand
Howell Book House, (1995)

4. The New Dalmatian 
Alfred & Esmeralda Treen 
Howell Book House, (1992) 

5. The Dalmatian 
Anna Katherine Nicholas 
T.F.H. Publications, (1986) 

6. The Dalmatian 
Eleanor Frankling 
Howell Book House, (1971) 

7. Expert Obedience Training for Dogs 
Winifred Gibson Strickland 
MacMillan Company, (1972) 

8. The Complete Book of Dog Obedience 
Blache Saunders 
Howell Book House, (1974) 

9. How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With 
Rutherford & Neil 

10. Understanding Your Dog 
Dr. Michael Fox 
Coward, McCann & Geoghegan, (1972) 

11. Dog Owners Veterinary Handbook 
Delbert Carlson & James Griffin 
Howell Book House, (1980) 

12. Family Dog 
Richard A. Walters 
D. P. Hutton & Co., Inc., (1963) 

13. The Complete Dog Book 
Official Publication of the American Kennel Club 
Howell book House, (1979) 

14. Junior Showmanship from Hand to Lead:
The complete handbook for Junior Handlers
Mary A. Miller 
Alpine Publications, (1994)

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