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DCA Versatility Award Forms and Resources

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Versatility Award Application PDF

Versatility Award Requirements in PDF Format

Versatility Certificates are available to Dalmatian Club of America members, in good standings, whose dog has met the criteria listed below.
Versatility Award (VA):
  • A total 7 points in 3 categories
  • These must be AKC or DCA awarded titles
  • The point schedule is cumulative, so 2 points are awarded for a Championship and an additional 1 point is awarded when the Dalmatian receives their Grand Championship, for a total of 3 points in conformation
  • Where there are multiple titles available at basically the same level, only 1 title may be used for the points. For example, only a total of 1 point may be used for NA, NAJ, NAP and NJP

Versatility Excellent Award (VXA):

  • Earned after the Versatility Award
  • A total of 12 points in 4 categories
  • The 4th category does not need to be an AKC or DCA venue, but must be at least a full point
  • No more than 9 points in any 1 category can be used
    • For the Versatility Award the Dalmatian could earn 2 points for CH, 1 point for CD, 2 points for CDX, and 2 points for TD for a total of 7 points
    • Or the Dalmatian could earn 1 point for NA, 2 points for OA, 1 point for CD, 2 points for CDX, and 2 points for RD for a total of 8 points
    • In either case, the Dalmatian would then need to get 4-5 more points with at least 1 point in another category for the Versatility Excellent Award


  • Dalmatians that have earned their PAC or CPC Award prior to the implementation of this change may continue to use that designation or change to the new Versatility Award without reapplying
  • For those Dalmatians that are no longer alive but may have earned either the Versatility Award or Versatility Excellent Award, there is a 1 year catch up period, until May 1, 2017, where you may apply for the appropriate Award(s)
  • Other Dalmatians may apply for the new awards as their owners see fit

If you have questions please contact Lynn Luikart at koiradals@att.net. email or mail to: Lynn Luikart, 10130 Atchison Rd., Centerville, OH 45458.

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