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 You'll Love This Dalmatian CD-ROM

An A to Z Primer

Featuring Animation, Audio, Video, Interaction, and Transformation of Images!

Used for Judges Education.

    American Standard:

Interactive computer imaging and animation. Create deviations and transform to correct. Explore Dalmatian temperament, ideal heads and profiles.

Muzzle length changes and planes measured. Eyes change size, shape and color. Evaluate head profile and front views. Correct dentition.

100's of Dalmatian terms explained some with animations.

Structure and function. View muscle, bone, joint in detail.

Audio narration - Dalamtian origins are nomadic. Gypsies in the middle 1800's travelled through Dalmatia, an Austrian province.

Examine gait frame at a time. Stop, slow motion or full speed.

    Animated Quiz:
40 true/false questions with animated answers.

    Multiple Choice Quiz:
20 questions. Just like the test the judges take.

    Evaluate A Class:
You be the Judge. Place and score a class. Then click to see how the judges placed and scored the class.

    Obedience, Agility:
Watch the best. Weave poles, circle jumps and group demonstrations.

    Road Trials, Coaching:
They run with horses over rugged 25 mile course.

Measurement tools teach correct proportion, angulation. Morph dogs length and height. Click on 'bones' to superimpose over body. Enables you to visualize correct Dalmatian.

Hundreds of pictures of Champion Dalmatians.


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