DCA Members: Litter Listing Service

Litter Listing Service Rules:
  1. If you are a DCA member in good standing you can list your litters on this listing service.
  2. Your listing will be active for 8 weeks.
  3. You can log-in and update your listing at any time.
    Specifically important to update is:
    1. change the number of pups available
    2. to change status to sold, deactivate, or delete your ad

  4. If you still have pups remaining after your ad expires at 8 weeks, you can send a request the Breeder Referral Chairperson, Linda McSherry to re-list an updated ad for an additional 8 weeks.
  5. If you have an older adult or breeder take-back you may use this service to list those Dalmatians as well under the same terms as the litter listings.