DCA Members: Litter Listing Service

Instructions on How To List Your Litter:
  1. Go directly to the DCA Members Litter Listing page.
  2. Click on Login if you already registered yourself setup with a username and password on the litter listing page (If you have listed litters previously) otherwise click on Register. Note: This is a unique ads database and you will need to register and create your own new login.
      1. Name: Type in your first name and last name
      2. Type in your email address
      3. Type in your desired password (combination of uppercase, lowercase and numbers are preferred for best security)

  3. Once logged in, Click on "Publish New"
  4. Title: Type in a short title for your listing (required field)
  5. Category: Select DCA Member Breeder Litter Listing (required field)
      Choose subcategory for your listing:
      CHIC Litter (required Health Testing on parents completed)
      Puppies Available Now
      Planned Litter Listing
      Available Adults

  6. Description: Type in a short paragraph describing your litter (sire/dam, how many puppies, what color/sex, etc). This is where you can make a link to your website: click on the link symbol and type in the url to your website. You must use full url path (http://www.yoursite.com). (required field)
  7. Images: You can attach up to 3 images (i.e. sire and dam, and a pedigree). Images cannot be larger than 5 MB and must be jpg, jpeg. png, or gif format.. If this is a CHIC litter (both sire and dam MUST have a CHIC number, you should add the chic logo as your third photo. The path to download is http://www.thedca.org/chiclogo50.jpg. Save to your hard drive and then attach to your ad.
  8. Email: use the address where you would like potential buyers to contact you.
  9. Fill in all the fields as instructed.
  10. Captcha code: Type upper and lower case as displayed, DO NOT not type in any spaces even if it looks like there is a space.
  11. Hit Submit if it returns to the same screen, please scroll up to see what is missing. If required fields are not filled in your listing will not be accepted.
  12. Once your ad is submitted it will tell you on the screen.
  13. You will receive an email telling you your ad has been submitted and pending approval.
  14. Once approved you will receive an email telling you it is now active.
  15. After your ad is LIVE, go to the Litter Listings page, pull up your ad, and use the Social Media/Networks and share your Ad on Social Media!