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Board of Governors Meeting Minutes
August 22, 2009 - Crowne Plaze - Bloomington, MN


    The third quarter meeting of the Dalmatian Club of America Board of Governors was called to order at 8:00 AM CDT on Saturday, August 22, 2009, at the Crowne Plaza, Bloomington, MN by the President, Mrs. Meg Ispas-Hennessey. DCA Governors present were Mrs. Norma Baley, Mrs. Sharon Boyd, Mr. John Cramer, Mr. Robert Lawson, Ms. Laura Lightholder, Mrs. Diana Skibinski, Mrs. Connie Wagner and Mrs. Sheila Wymore, as well as AKC Delegate Mr. James W. Smith and past President Dr. J. Charles Garvin.


    The minutes of the second quarter meeting on April 4, 2009 were previously reviewed by the board via electronic mail. Mrs. Baley made a motion to accept the minutes as reviewed. Seconded by Mrs. Wymore, the motion was approved unanimously


  1. President - Meg Hennessey.

    President Hennessey reported three DNA CHIC Repository blood draws have been completed with more currently taking place. During the first blood draw, 21 samples were taken. The second blood draw provided 43 samples. A wide variety of Dalmatians are participating in these blood draws including puppies, adults, veterans, show and performance dogs and their non-show littermates. The owners of these participating dogs will receive a Canine Health Information Certificate and information on how to update additional health information as needed. Additional blood draws will be scheduled.

    A petition requesting permission to register the backcross dogs has been sent to the Board of Directors of the American Kennel Club by a group supporting the registration of the backcross descendents. The American Kennel Club denied this request.

    In the August 2009 Gazette, on page 17 of the Secretary’s pages, the following statement appeared about deaf dogs: The subject of permitting deaf dogs in Companion Events was raised by Dr. Newman. Management was directed to consider this and to get the input of the Delegate Committees. This was an issue the Board needed to discuss so that input could be sent to AKC.

    In closing, President Hennessey encouraged every Board Member to attend a regional specialty out of their area.

  2. Vice-President - Mrs. Wymore had no remarks.

  3. Recording Secretary - Mrs. Skibinski had no remarks.

  4. Corresponding Secretary - Sharon Boyd.

    Mrs. Boyd reported that since the last Secretary’s report, submitted April 4, 2009, she has performed all duties as prescribed by the Board of Governors in the Things To Do List including but not limited to, sent To Do List and updated committee lists to all Board members, Dr. Garvin and Mr. Smith; sent thank you letters to all departing committee chairs and thank you cards to all DCA National specialty judges; received email correspondence from Ken Berg commenting on various aspects of an explanation of the Board’s actions with respect to the backcross project which the Secretary placed on the DCA Members List; received several emails from Christi McDonald, editor of Dogs in Review arguing the matter of the backcross dogs; received and responded to a letter from Ms. Carole A. Watker, who is not a DCA member, asking DCA to support moving the breed to the Sporting group rather than the Working group; sent an updated list of officers and major committee chairs to AKC as requested; received a letter from AKC Director of Agility stating that AKC had not received the required copies of the premium list for the July 31 Agility Trial and sent notice to Holly Waldrop; executed all correspondence and contracts with respect to the Board meeting/lunch in Bloomington; received and chronicled copies and originals of various contractual agreements for the 2010 National Specialty including site for Agility trial and headquarters hotel; received several returned ballot packets and meeting notices for incorrect address or forwarding orders expired and provided these to the Treasurer; sent get well cards to several members and sympathy cards to the families of deceased members including Jack Austin; prepared notice of meeting of the Board of Governors and emailed all Governors, Dr. Garvin and Mr. Smith as well as to all committee chairs who were asked to submit reports of their committees to Mrs. Hennessey; faxed second notice phone bills for conference calls on 12/8 and 2/11, totaling $470.05 to the Treasurer; revised letters of acceptance for incoming Governors to reflect the fact that all volunteers who produce work for DCA acknowledge that said work is the property in full of DCA; received web addresses for firms which provide more reasonable prices for conference calls from Mrs. Hennessey; corresponded via email with AKC representatives with respect to supporting the entry of the breed at the Eukanuba National Championship Show, December 12-13, 2009 in Long Beach, California; received letter from International Kennel Club of Chicago announcing new features planned for their February 2010 show and inviting DCA to participate with a specialty or supported entry; received a newsletter from Canine Health Foundation; received various news releases and information packets from AKC on a variety of subjects most of which were not relevant to DCA; sent an updated list of committees to the SPOTTER and Webmaster.

    Mrs. Boyd noted AKC applications for the 2010 DCA National Specialty will be required to be completed no later than 24 weeks prior to closing. Therefore, all specialty information should be sent to the Secretary by the end of September. Mrs. Boyd requested the names of the 2010 Sweepstakes judge candidates by November 15, 2009. She also requested a check for $250.00 to Marianne Lovejoy for the Eukanuba Meet the Breeds Booth. Mrs. Boyd needs all committee chairs to review their committee list and report any changes immediately for the new DCA Membership Booklet.

    Mrs. Boyd responded to various letters, calls and emails of inquiry received from the public and the membership on such subjects as specialty matters, minutes, diet, registration, deafness, health issues, address changes, membership applications and dues. The registration insert forms continue to dribble in at a slow rate and are responded to with a Red Book.

  5. Treasurer - John Cramer

    Mr. Cramer presented a report to the board in which he summarized the financial standing of the club. A written Income and Expense Statement from January 1, 2009 through August 19, 2009 showed income of $27,760.89 and expense of $28,813.65, for a net loss of $1,052.76 year to date. Other reports were still combined with former reports.


    AKC Delegate - James Smith.

    Mr. Smith reported that there were four items that needed the Board’s direction at the next AKC Delegate Meeting that may be voted upon.

    1. A decision was needed on whether or not to support the change from seven to ten groups. Mr. Cramer made a motion to direct the AKC Delegate to vote no on changing from seven to ten groups. Seconded by Mrs. Wymore, the motion was approved unanimously.

    2. A decision was needed on whether or not to support the amendment to the Dog Show Rules to allow the 12-18 month class to be further divided to 12-15 and 15-18 months. Mr. Lawson made a motion to vote no on supporting the amendment to the Dog Show Rules to allow the 12-18 month class to be further divided to 12-15 and 15-18 months. Seconded by Ms. Lightholder, the motion was approved unanimously.

    3. A decision was needed on whether or not to support the rules regarding eligibility at Retriever Field Trial. Mr. Lawson made a motion to leave a decision on whether or not to support the rules regarding eligibility at Retriever Field Trials in the AKC Delegate’s hands. Seconded by Mrs. Wymore, the motion was approved unanimously.

    4. A decision was needed on how the Dalmatian Club of America should respond to the mention of allowing deaf dogs in competition at AKC Companion events in the August 2009 Gazette, on page 17 of the Secretary’s pages. The Board directed DCA Corresponding Secretary Mrs. Sharon Boyd to send a letter to AKC Secretary Mr. James Crowley expressing our grave concerns on the subject of permitting deaf dogs in companion events.

Mr. Cramer made a motion to approve the Officers and Delegate reports. Seconded by Mrs. Wymore, the motion was approved unanimously.


    A. Meg Hennessey

    1. Ethics - Edward Flock

    Mr. Flock submitted a written report stating there are no current Ethics issues to report for this quarter.

    2. Legislative Liaison – Marie Fiore.

    No action required

    3. Public Relations - Julie Lux.

    No action required.

    4. Web Page - Julia Soukup.

    Ms. Soukup submitted a written report to the board of Web site activities, including additions to both the DCA and Spotter web sites plus detailed email list administration. Ms. Soukup also reported on projects in process. There were approximately 45 additions to the web site. There are 14 projects in progress. These projects include web site design, members only area, Specialty historical photo gallery, historical results and rankings, flash banner on the main page and the educational notebook. Ms. Soukup also requested someone to write a “Benefits of Belonging” statement for the DCA web site. This request will be sent to Public Education Chair Joanne Nash.

    Currently DCA has a free web site search engine that only indexes the top pages. It was decided a professional subscription of our current search engine, that indexes deeper into the web site, would be more useful to DCA members. Mrs. Wymore made a motion to approve the purchase of an Economy FreeFind Subscription of our current search engine for $108.00. Seconded by Mrs. Wagner, the motion was approved unanimously.

    Ms. Soukup recommended and the Board agreed that the Members Only section will use member’s email address for their user name. Passwords can be changed. Mrs. Wagner will be gathering a list of judges’ email addresses to send in excel format to Mr. Lawson for eBlasting the Spotter. Mr. Smith will help with this research by getting a list of judges’ emails from AKC.

    A new option exists where video can be added to the SPOTTER online advertisement pages. Ms. Soukup recommends an introductory price of $45.00 to cover the cost. Mrs. Skibinski made a motion to approve the recommended introductory price of $45.00 to add a sixty second video with no audio to Spotter online advertisement pages. Seconded by Mrs. Baley, the motion was approved unanimously.

    B. Sheila Wymore

    1. AKC Gazette - Sharon Boyd.

      Mrs. Boyd submitted a written report noting the GAZETTE will honor the AKC on its 125th anniversary by printing a breed column on every breed in the September issue. Columnists were asked to submit copy limited to 200 words which would endeavor to present an overview of the breed’s history. The column was submitted timely and it was accompanied by three or four pictures kindly offered by request of the club historian. The GAZETTE column chief’s response was favorable. The GAZETTE column’s chief has changed. Effective with the October issue, Arliss Paddock will resume the reigns of leadership. Mrs. Boyd would also like to note that she continues to receive nice comments from ringside and via email on recent topics and content.

    2. Historian - Cheryl Steinmetz.

      Mrs. Steinmetz submitted a three page written report on the committee’s recent activities. She has located, scanned, and forwarded photos and information for the Esme Treen and Jack Austin obituaries. She has worked with staff of the Historian’s Corner and began forwarding information to Prue Stuhr for an upcoming article she and Barbara Partridge are writing on Wendell Sammett. Mrs. Steinmetz also scanned and forwarded interesting photos to Sharon Boyd, per her request, for a special 125th Anniversary Issue of the AKC Gazette.

      Mrs. Steinmetz has begun a list of DCA WD/WB sire and dams and dates of birth. This is to discover if litter brother/sister had ever won in the same year before 2009. Robert VonMayr will be filling in some information and several members are forwarding copies of old catalogs. Mrs. Steinmetz is working on a history of DCA Challenge Trophies, making a list of Dalmatian kennel names and a list of all DCA Board of Governors since 1905. She has also located and mailed several videos from the Lending Library to the San Diego Dalmatian Club.

      New materials added to the DCA collection since the April 2009 DCA Board Meeting were a 2009 DCA Specialty Catalog, newsletters, premium list, a Top Twenty Catalog, the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship December 2008 Show Guide & Judging Schedule and the Winter 2008 & Spring 2009 SPOTTERS. Elli Lipschutz mailed boxes of materials from the Treen family with attached inventory. These boxes were initially sent to her and the cost to mail the boxes to Mrs. Steinmetz was a DCA donation. Elli Lipschutz sent four large folders of file and research materials of John C. Lowery, founder of the Dalmatian Research Foundation and a 29 page album containing Dalmatian cigarette cards, postcards, cigar bands and note cards.

    3. The Spotter - Marie “Debbie” Zink.

      Ms. Zink submitted a written report indicating the SPOTTER Team has completed 4 issues of the SPOTTER. It has been a learning experience and the committee continues to work through the challenges that go with the job. Most everything is going along well.

      Ms. Zink reported this year’s (2009-2010) Spotter Cover Contest winners have all replied and the committee will be offering free pages to the runners up. The SPOTTER Cover Contest earned $996.00. Currently Ann Lyon is handling a SPOTTER Photo Contest.

      Ms. Zink also reported the SPOTTER’s current mailing house went out of business and Kathy Szomoru has located a new mailing house. A new process will be developed for getting the year end statistics for all venues in a more timely and concise manner. A first draft of the How to SPOTTER Manual will be presented to the Board Liaison by year end. Due to circumstances beyond our control, a free ad will be given to a DCA member who had a Brood Bitch who finished in the top three that was not listed. Also, Ms. Zink requests information on who handles the judges’ directory on who receives the SPOTTER. The committee will continue to strive to make the SPOTTER timely with more articles and information as time allows.

    C. Diana Skibinski

    1. DCARE - Cindy Bowman.

      Mrs. Bowman submitted a written report requesting to add DCA member Tina Thomas-Batchelor to the committee. Tina Thomas-Batchelor was added to the committee. The committee has added or changed several entries on the rescue database. There were no requests for reimbursements of funds for rescue dogs during this quarter.

      A rescue story is being written for an upcoming SPOTTER issue. This story include photos of two rescue dogs along with their adopters. The committee will continue to find rescue stories and will plan to have a story in each issue of the SPOTTER.

      The committee would like to raffle off a black and white SPOTTER page as a fund raiser. The Board acknowledged that there are currently sufficient funds available that includes a recent $500.00 donation. The Board noted a story for the SPOTTER on how to fill out a reimbursement form might be useful. This would help those who rescue to use our current reimbursement program.

    2. Membership - Mary Widder.

      Mrs. Widder submitted twelve names to be considered for membership. Mrs. Skibinski read the name to the board. Mr. Cramer made a motion to approve the membership of the submitted candidates. Seconded by Mrs. Wagner, the motion was approved unanimously.

    3. Standard - Barbara Greenspan.

      No action required.

    D. Sharon Boyd

    1. Site Selection Committee - John Cramer.

      Mr. Cramer reported the committee went out and checked four different venues. They compared contracts and costs. The Tulsa, Oklahoma venue appears to be the best choice overall for 2012. Mr. Cramer requested the Board look over the informational packet and that the next Board meeting be held in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

      1. Specialty Show Committee

        1. April 2 - 8, 2009 Lawrence, Kansas. Sheila Wymore, Chair.

          Mrs. Wymore submitted a written report stating that even with the smaller entry for this show DCA managed to come out with a decent bottom line of $16,000.00. The ability of the various chairs of each event and activity to plan and budget carefully meant that not only did they cover their costs but actually made small profits which all added up to a successful event. Mrs. Wymore would like to thank each and every one of the crew that worked so hard to make this year’s show a fun event.

          The first attempt at an all-breed Tracking Trial was a success, with six TDX entries. The committee had the cooperation of local tracking enthusiasts for tracking plotting and track laying, and hopes to repeat this same procedure for the 2010 Tracking Trial.

          The offer of a Road Trial coaching certificate was a resounding success, with seven entries, and DCA will be repeating this offering again in 2010 if at all possible.

          The Agility Trial venue, though a distance from the host hotel, was warmly received by exhibitors and the owners invited DCA back again for 2010.

        2. April 1 – 7, 2010 Lawrence, Kansas - Sheila Wymore.

          Mrs. Wymore reported that there was already a contract in place with Onofrio for 2010, so the committee will be working with the catalog chair to circumvent Onofrio’s ability to make errors of omission and commission. The Spotter Design staff will design all ads for the 2010 catalog and ensure that a finished product will be delivered to Onofrio. All pages will be presented in the order and style in which the committee wishes them to be printed.

          The trophy committee has chosen their selection for the 2010 specialty trophies and plates for class placements, and a trophy donation book was circulated at the various 2009 events for donor signup. It is also being circulated at various regional specialties.

          Janette Sheldon has volunteered to assemble another quilt for a raffle, since her 2009 donation was such a resounding success.

          DCA did not meet the food and beverage minimum as stated in the 2009 contract with the Holiday Inn, but by the time they realized this DCA had already settled the bill. The catering manager is unable to renegotiate the contract for 2010, but Mrs. Wymore is working with the convention staff to find other ways to get credit for food and beverage consumption that will hopefully bring DCA closer to the desired mark. Since the hotel is hoping to have DCA return in the not too distant future, they have indicated a willingness to be as cooperative as possible. However, even with careful management, Mrs. Wymore does not expect the bottom line to be as healthy as this year.

        3. April 29 – May 3, 2011 Ft. Mitchell, KY – Cindy Riggins.

          Mrs. Riggins submitted a written report on the DCA National Specialty Show in 2011 that will be held in Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky April 12 through May 3 at the Drawbridge Inn. The contract has already been signed. Mrs. Riggins submitted a list of chairmen for this show. At this time most positions have been filled. Due to the fact that members are volunteering to help, she has started a list she can draw from for help as needed.

          A new show photographer has been selected for this show. It is Turley Photography, Tina and Mark Kocab, from Chesterland, OH. They will make every effort possible to photograph every single dog that walks into the ring. They will photograph conformation, performance events, Top 20 and anything else DCA wants photographed. Exhibitors will be able to view and order their pictures on line. The photographers offer a free 8x10 photo to the Best Jr. Handler and will send a CD-ROM to the Show Chairman 90 days after the event of win photos.

    2. Top Twenty – John Cramer.

      Mr. Cramer requested that the Board acquire a new Master of Ceremony for the Top Twenty. It is difficult for Mr. Cramer to coordinate this event and also be the Master of Ceremony. It was suggested that Dr. Garvin be considered. Dr. Garvin graciously accepted to be DCA 2010 Top Twenty Master of Ceremony.

    E. Connie Wagner

    1. Awards & Trophys - Laurel Allen.

      Mrs. Allen submitted a written report informing the Board that all work has been completed for the 2009 National Specialty. There were only three committed sponsorships that could not be collected.

      The trophy sponsorship book for the 2010 National Specialty was made available at the 2009 National trophy table. Additional sponsorships were solicited at various events, such as the annual membership meeting. All those in attendance at the National, members and non-members alike, were encouraged to view the sponsorship book and sponsor a trophy. Pictures of the new Queen Anne pattern metal plates from Carson Statesmetal were provided for all to view and many were excited about the change in vendors and the new lower pricing. During the 2009 National, 84% of the “special award” trophies (24 total available) and 40% of the total conformation trophies (80 placements available in regular and non-regular classes) were committed to be sponsored.

      Mrs. Allen has been working with the new sales representative at Carson Statesmetal to place the order for the regular class placement trophies for the 2010 and 2011 National Specialties. The artwork of the DCA logo will be provided in .PDF form to their artist, which will be returned in a proof form that will need to be approved. Once the artwork is approved by DCA, it will take 4-6 weeks to complete the order and it will be shipped to Mrs. Allen’s residence in Indiana to be labeled and prepared for the next years’ National Specialty show. Mrs. Allen was also informed in August by the sales representative from Carson Statesmetal that DCA successfully completed the process with their billing department in order to have credit terms with the company, rather than having to pay at the time the order was placed. The artwork will be provided to Carson Statesmetal no later than August 31, 2009.

      The order for the “special award trophies” (Best of Breed, High in Trial, etc.) will be placed with Wilton Armetale prior to September 30, 2009. Pictures have been provided with pricing and current trophy sponsorship information to Julia Soukup to be placed on the 2010 National web page. Once the information is up and the sponsorship operational, Mrs. Allen will send an email out to the DCA Members’ List to encourage further sponsorship. Mrs. Allen will also be contacting members of the Performance Events committee to determine what can be done to encourage more individuals that compete in the performance events to sponsor trophies at the National. Finally, Mrs. Allen has been in contact with Laura Lightholder to make arrangements to obtain the remaining Wilton Armetale class placement trophy inventory.

    2. Membership Education - Sue MacMillan

      No action required.

    3. Purina - Connie Wagner.

      Mrs. Wagner reported receiving a letter from the Purina Parent Club Partnership Program noting the Dalmatian Club of America through its participation in the Purina Parent Club Partnership (PPCP) Program has a great opportunity to enhance the health and well-being of the Dalmatian. Like the 167 other clubs participating in the program, The Dalmatian Club of America earns funding for important canine health studies, education efforts and rescue programs when Purina Pro Club members submit their weight circles and declare the Dalmatian Club of America to receive matching funds. As of April 30, 2009, the Dalmatian Club of America has 616 members declared for the Purina Parent Club Partnership Program. From January 1, 2009 through April 30, 2009, 64 members have submitted weight circles resulting in a total of $900.96 accumulated thus far for the 2009 program. Purina support to DCA to date is $79,954.66 with additional support to the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation for DCA at $10,760.19 making total Purina funding at $90,714.84. The Board supports this program and requests the membership send in their Purina weight circles. Mrs. Wagner will write a brief informational article for the SPOTTER on the importance of participating in this program.

    F. Norma Baley

    1. Futurity - Steven E. Nielsen.

      Mr. Nielsen submitted a complete report regarding the 2009 Futurity. The 2009 Futurity was held on April 6, 2009 and was judged by Mrs. Liz Hancock. There were 85 Dalmatians entered, one entry was declared ineligible. $3,960.84 was distributed to the winners. The Best Junior and the Best Senior in Futurity qualified for the CHIC bonus and $1,400.00 was distributed to the proper parties.

      As of August 5, 2009 there are 78 litters and 89 nominated pups for the 2010 Futurity. This compares to 85 litters and 115 nominated pups at this time for the 2009 Futurity. This is a reduction of 5% in litters and 22% reduction in pups. Puppy nominations have been slow for the entire 2010 nomination period.

      Currently there are 259 Dalmatians listed in the CHIC database, 8 are UKC Dalmatians so there is a net of 251 AKC Dalmatians. It is unclear whether the current CHIC Bonus program and the SPOTTER discount program have increased participation. The number of Dalmatians added to the CHIC database has remained constant for the last several years. 2010 is the last year of the CHIC bonus program based on Futurity participation. Mr. Cramer made a motion to recommend DCAF extend the CHIC bonus program for three more years. Seconded by Mrs. Wymore, the motion was approved unanimously. After this timeframe, the Board discussed increasing the CHIC bonus program to include CHIC numbers for parents and grandparents of the Best Junior and Best Senior in Futurity.

      A monthly champion report needs to be sent to Mr. Nielsen so the Futurity Champions can be acknowledged. Also, the DCA Specialty premium list needs to have clarification regarding the Futurity entry fee and sustaining fee. Mr. Cramer made a motion to set the Futurity entry fee at $20.00 and the Futurity sustaining fee at $10.00 for a total of $30.00 for the 2010 National Specialty. This will be noted on the entry form. Seconded by Mr. Lawson, the motion was approved unanimously. The Futurity fee has not covered show expenses in the recent past and the Board anticipates it will not cover show expenses in the 2010 Futurity.

    2. Judges Education - Elaine Lindhorst.

      Mrs. Lindhorst submitted a written report there have been two seminars given since the last Board Report. They were the Connecticut Judges Study Group May 2009 by Presenter Sharon Lyons and the Oklahoma Kennel Club June 2009 by Presenter Lori Finlayson. Upcoming seminars are American Dog Show Judges August 14, 2009 by Presenters Linda Lewin and Michele Markoff and Mississippi State Kennel Club December 12, 2009 by Presenter Judy Murray. A seminar for DCA Members was given at the Nationals in April 2009 and 24 members attended.

      Mrs. Lindhorst would like to recommend Tina Thomas Batchelor and Lori Finlayson be approved to be DCA Mentors and Presenters. They both attended the seminar held in April in conjunction with the National. They are to be added to the approved DCA Mentors and Presenters list. The Board will review the requirements of how to become an approved DCA Mentor or Presenter. The Board requests a list of all approved DCA Mentors and Presenters be submitted to the Board at the next Board meeting.

    3. Public Education - Joanne Nash.

      Mrs. Nash submitted a request from the Doggy Bites Blog. They are asking permission to post DCA’s article on Urinary Stone Forming in Dalmatians and other dogs. Since the Board could not find the blog online, this request was denied.

    G. John Cramer

    1. Junior Showmanship - Mary Miller.
      Ms. Miller submitted three names to be considered for junior membership. Mr. Cramer read the name to the Board. Mr. Cramer made a motion to approve the junior membership of the submitted candidates. Seconded by Mrs. Wymore, the motion was approved unanimously. Mr. Cramer noted that applying Junior Members must use the junior member application since the junior number is needed for ranking calculations.

      Ms. Miller requested that the DCA Top Junior Handler be required to be a member in order to receive the DCA Bronze Medallion. Mrs. Baley made a motion that the DCA Top Junior Handler must be a DCA Junior Member to receive the DCA Bronze Medallion. Seconded by Mr. Cramer, the motion was approved unanimously.

      Ms. Miller requests the Board approve both scholarship applications. Mr. Cramer made a motion to accept the applications from these two junior members. Seconded by Mr. Lawson, the motion was approved unanimously.

    2. Regional Club Council - Karen Linsky.
      No action required.

    3. Standing Rules - John Cramer.
      No action required.

    H. Laura Lightholder

    1. Breeder Referral - Jackie Quinn.
      Mrs. Quinn submitted a written report noting a regional breeder referral coordinator received a gift certificate after making a referral. The consensus of the Board is that regional breeder referral coordinators exercise common sense when accepting gifts. These could be donated to DCA. All breeders on the list should receive equal treatment. Also the Breeder Referral phone number on the DCA Membership Booklet needs to be updated.

    2. Performance Events - Rick Miller. No action required.

    3. Agility - Holly Waldrop.

      Mrs. Waldrop submitted a written report informing the Board that the second Dalmatian Club of America/Clarksville Kennel Club Agility Trial was held July 31 through August 2, 2009. There was a very good turnout for Friday with a waiting list for Saturday and Sunday. At the request of AKC Agility Field Representative Gail Storm, a run-through of the new game AKC is considering adding to agility called Run and Done or “RD” was held. This was well received and generated additional income for the trial weekend. It was exciting to have Dalmatian exhibitors from as far away as Virginia competing. Thirteen Dalmatians ran the agility courses over the weekend. The Board requests that Corresponding Secretary Boyd send Mrs. Waldrop a thank you letter for her efforts.

      The first-round of invitations for the AKC Agility Invitational have been sent out. To date, there are two Dalmatian owners who will be competing with three Dalmatians. Mrs. Waldrop hopes to have a full compliment of five Dalmatians to represent our breed. The committee would like to again thank the DCA for supporting the Top Dog medallion for our breed.

      DCA National 2010 Agility Trial Chairs Judy Raven and Joy Benner have obtained Ms. Laura English to judge the event. Holly Waldrop has agreed to serve as Agility Trial Chair for the 2011 National.

    4. Obedience - Lynn Luikart.
      No action required.

    5. Road Trials - Peggy Strupp.

      Mrs. Strupp submitted a written report stating the Road Trial Committee has approved a Road Trial to be held in October by the Greater Washington Dalmatian Club in Virginia. The GWDC has also requested “blanket” approval for Road Trials for 2009-2012. The GWDC has held successful trials for several years now, and received “blanket” approval for trials they held in 2006-2008. The Road Trial Committee has approved the GWDC request to host a Road Trial each year from 2009-2012. The GWDC will be required to update the Committee with any proposed changes (judge, veterinarians, Host Chair, location, etc.) at least three months prior to any event.

      The Road Trial Committee is working on requirements for a Road Dog Championship and a Road Dog Excellent Championship.

    6. Tracking – Elaine Dodson.
      No action required.

    I. Robert Lawson

    1. Health and Research - Ginger Iwaoka

      Dr. Iwaoka submitted a written report announcing the CHIC DNA blood draws are underway. By this Board meeting the committee will have completed draws at the Piedmont, Western Reserve and Denver Specialties. The Twin Cities and Puget Sound Specialty blood draws are currently taking place. The DCA Web Site can be checked for upcoming blood draws.

      Dr. Iwaoka noted organizing the CHIC DNA blood draws has taken much more time than she anticipated, so she has not been able to give the health survey its due. She will work on the health survey next.

      Dr. Iwaoka reported that Danielle Levangie has sent a letter stating her schedule is too busy at this time to continue chairing the Health Testing. Dr. Iwaoka would like to thank her for all her hard work. The Board requests that Corresponding Secretary Boyd send Danielle Levangie a thank you letter for chairing past Health Testing. Dr. Flannigan was to co-chair the Health Testing for 2010 but has agreed to step into the role of director. Dr. Iwaoka also wants to thank her for her willingness to serve.

      At this point, DCA has received some new information from Dr. Bartges on Dilated Cardiomyopathy in Dalmatians. He has had seven Dalmatians with this problem come through his clinic. This gives DCA another possible approach to testing that should be investigated further. At this time, Dr. Iwaoka recommends postponing cardiac testing in Kansas until Dr. Flannigan can discuss how to proceed with a cardiologist. Health testing will still include CERF, Thyroid, Microchip, DNA Repository and Frequent Sires DNA.

      1. Study Group on Allergies and Diet – Kelly Flannigan DVM.
        No action required.

      2. Study Group on Hearing – Scott Facey.
        Dr. Iwaoka reported the web site has been updated for accuracy. At this point, Dr. Iwaoka thought it was important to realize that there is no way to word euthanasia of deaf puppies to make it palatable to everyone. There will always be a segment of the general population that voices objections. However, Dr. Iwaoka thinks DCA can explain why DCA takes this stance in today’s litigious society, which is something the general public can relate to. She recommends that DCA have two documents. The first is a short statement of position and the second is an explanation of that position gleaned from a document created by this committee. Mr. Lawson made a motion the Board approve the DCA Deafness Position Statement as amended. Seconded by Mrs. Boyd, the motion was approved unanimously.

        Another item brought to this group’s attention was that deaf puppies euthanized by the breeders at 4-5 weeks and not BAER tested are not included in the data base. This leads to skewed data. Eddie Dzuik at OFA has agreed to create a fourth diagnostic category for this purpose. Currently the three options are bilateral hearing, bilaterally deaf and unilaterally deaf. To submit bilaterally deaf requires a BAER trace. Many experienced breeders do not hold onto deaf puppies until 7 or 8 weeks, but rather euthanize them as soon as the know they are deaf. Others chose not to incur the expense of testing deaf puppies. Instead of losing those deaf puppies in the data base, DCA has the fourth category “bilaterally deaf—breeder identified” be added. This allows those puppies to be counted which leads to more accurate statistics. Mr. Cramer made a motion that DCA approve a fourth diagnostic category in the OFA Hearing Registry named Bilaterally Deaf—Breeder Identified. Seconded by Mr. Lawson, the motion was approved unanimously. The Board still encourages all breeders to BAER Hearing Test all puppies in a litter whenever possible. Dr. Iwaoka would like to request Eddie Dzuik change the OFA BAER category Unilaterally Deaf to Unilaterally Hearing. Ms. Lightholder made a motion to request that OFA change the title from Unilaterally Deaf to Unilaterally Hearing. Seconded by Mrs. Skibinski, the motion was approved unanimously.

        With all of the discussion on stone formation, Dr. Iwaoka thought it would be beneficial for the membership to have important stone articles abstracted in a simple format. Then if the need arises for information, it is readily available. She supplied a sample. The Board decided to table creating user friendly scientific abstracts until articles have been reviewed by the Board and committee. Once there is an agreed upon system, user friendly abstracts could be done for numerous Dalmatian related articles for the membership’s information.

        The Board had an extensive discussion on Urinary Stone research and LUA dogs. Mr. Lawson made a motion that the list of questions regarding LUA dogs, gathered from the membership will be sent to the Health and Research Chair to send to the Urinary Stone Committee. This committee will investigate if there are any documented scientific answers to these questions. If not, which course of action will be required? This committee may also recommend cooperation with other groups to obtain scientific information. Seconded by Mrs. Baley, the motion was approved unanimously.

      3. Study Group on Thyroid - Kelly Flannigan DVM.
        Dr. Flannigan has not been able to meet with the endocrinology specialist. She has set up an account with Michigan State University which is an OFA approved lab and will save us some money on each thyroid panel as opposed to using Antech.

        Dr. Iwaoka reported now that DCA has some thyroid testing completed and this shows that Dalmatians seem to have a larger incidence of possible thyroid issues than eye disease, Dr. Iwaoka would like to change our CHIC requirements to reflect this. DCA could still keep Hips and BAER as our first two tests and then make the third test an option of eyes (CERF) or thyroid. Each owner would have their choice of which would be the third test for their dog. Mr. Lawson made a motion that DCA change the third CHIC Test to be one of two tests either CERF of thyroid. Seconded by Mrs. Baley, the motion was approved unanimously.

      4. Study Group on Seizures/Epilepsy – Director TBD.
        Dr. Iwaoka reported this committee is in need of a Director. Dr. Iwaoka is waiting to see what comes from the current research projects.

      5. Study Group on Canine Orthopedics – Beth Bauer DVM.
        No action required.

      6. Study Group on Urinary Stones – Kathy McCoubrey.
        Dr. Iwaoka reported she and President Hennessey met with Dr. Bartges at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. This meeting was quite productive. Dr. Bartges stressed the need for water/hydration in the Dalmatian. President Hennessey thought DCA should try to put the word out during the blood draws. It is hard to imagine, but there are still owners who are not adding water to the meals. To that end, DCA is kicking off a campaign to raise awareness about the importance of adding water to food to prevent stones. Dr. Bartges and Dr. Hughes have both stressed the need for water in the prevention of stones. The solution to the pollution is dilution! Everyone receives a water bottle with instructions to add the water to their dog’s food and then fill the bottle with spare change and bring it to DCA 2010 for stone research. While DCA has advocated the need for water in print, it seems to carry a stronger message in person where they can ask questions and have an interactive discussion. The water bottle campaign is privately funded and all proceeds go to DCAF.

        Dr. Bartges feels a good foundation is needed as to why some dogs form stones while others do not before deciding how to proceed. He has proposed a project to use matched pairs of littermates (stone former/non-stone former) and use the SNP Chip Arrays to determine if DCA can obtain useful information. This project will allow DCA to compare results to humans, which then allows us to piggy back on a current grant Dr, Bartges is writing though the National Institutes of Health. Hopefully pairs could be obtained from the current CHIC DNA draws. This testing must be completed by March 1, 2010 in order to tie into the current grant proposal. If DCA chooses to proceed with this project, the cost would be approximately $18,000.00. Mr. Cramer made a motion to send a funding request for a pilot study on why some Dalmatians form stones and others do not to the Dalmatian Club of America Foundation. Seconded by Mrs. Baley, the motion was approved unanimously.

      7. Study Group on Eye Disorders – Director TBD.
        No action required.

    2. Statistics - Robert VonMayr.
      Mr. VonMayr submitted a written report noting he has completed the 2008 statistics for the SPOTTER and has begun compiling the 2009 statistics. He has reviewed the master data pull from AKC and reported back which data was missing. Also, Mr. VonMayr has answered emails on statistical issues.

Mrs. Wymore made a motion to approve the reports of the Standing Committees and accept the committee changes. Seconded by Mr. Cramer, the motion was approved unanimously.


  1. Review of “List of Things to Do.
    President Hennessey led a discussion reviewing the “Things to Do” from the last meeting, covering the items that were each Board member’s responsibility to handle after the last meeting.

  2. DCA Resignations
    President Hennessey reported one resignation was sent through the DCA Members List. Within 24 hours this person changed their mind and wanted to remain a member of DCA. Since this resignation was not sent to the DCA Corresponding Secretary, this person will remain a member.

  3. Carol Chase
    President Hennessey will be sending a letter to Carol Chase thanking her for her letter regarding LUA dogs. This will inform her of the future plans of the Health and Research Chair and the Urinary Stone Committee.

  4. AKC Meet The Breeds
    President Hennessey reported DCA will have a representative at the AKC Meet the Breeds in October in New York and in December at the AKC/Eukanuba Show. DCA will cover expenses.

  5. AKC Registration
    Mr. James Smith reported that AKC is requesting all parent clubs to pledge to encourage breeders to register all puppies in their litters. At this time, only about 45% new owners register their puppies. There are perks to be gained by being an AKC owner, such as free 60 day insurance.

  6. Standing Rules – John Cramer.
    Mr. Cramer reported on numerous changes in the Standing Rules. Mr. Cramer made a motion to accept changes made to the Standing Rules and to move inactive standing rules to an archive. Seconded by Mrs. Wymore, the motion was approved unanimously. The Board requests that Corresponding Secretary Boyd send Ed Flock a thank you letter for his efforts on updating the Standing Rules.

  7. DCA Members List
    President Hennessey reminded the membership to always put in a subject line on their posts to the DCA Members List. After a lengthy discussion the Board came to a consensus that the Ethic Committee needs to define proper etiquette and behavior for the DCA Members List. Julia Soukup will be requested to review the DCA Members List rules with the moderators.

  8. Right to Work Product Statement – Laura Lightholder.
    Ms. Lightholder read a Right to Work Product Statement. The member agrees that all work product that the member develops in whole or in part within the scope of their duties and responsibilities on behalf of DCA including works of authorship, services, designs, analyses, reports, software, data bases, documentation, manuals, letters, pamphlets, drafts, memoranda, and other documents, writings, or tangible things of any kind relating to these items (“Work Product”) is the property of the DCA. The member assigns to the DCA all rights to all Work Product, including all copyrights and trademarks. Upon the termination or resignation of the Members position with the DCA, or at any time thereafter, upon the request of the DCA, the Member agrees to deliver to the DCA all materials of any nature which are in their possession or control and which are, or which contain, Work Product or which are otherwise the property of the DCA (including, without limitation, writings, documents, records, data, memoranda, tapes and disks containing software, computer listings, manuals, documentation and notes). Ms. Lightholder made a motion to approve the DCA Rights to Work Product. Seconded by Mrs. Wymore, the motion passes unanimously. Mrs. Skibinski made a motion that all Board members, Committee Chairs and committee members must sign the Rights to Work Product Form. Seconded by Mrs. Baley, the motion was approved unanimously.


  1. Nominating Committee
    The Board selected three members to represent the west, middle, and east sections of the country. The corresponding secretary will inform the Nominating Committee of their duties and rules as per the By Laws. If theses members chose not to serve on this committee, the next highest vote winner will be ask to serve. Jennifer Cramer was chosen to chair the Nominating Committee and represent the middle. Diane Bartholomew was chosen to represent the west and Pam Fisher was chosen to represent the east.

  2. CHIC Bonus Program Expansion
    President Hennessey led a discussion on several proposals from Steve Nielsen on expanding the CHIC Bonus Program. Mrs. Skibinski made a motion that the DCA Board recommends DCAF award all first place winners in regular conformation classes $50.00, if an owner is a DCA member and both sire and dam have their CHIC number. In addition Bred by Exhibitor Class placement 2nd through 4th will be awarded 25.00 if an owner is a DCA member and both sire and dam have their CHIC number. Seconded by Mrs. Baley, the motion was approved unanimously.


  1. The fourth quarter meeting of the DCA Board of Governors will be on Saturday, November 7, 2009, in Tulsa, OK, commencing at 1:00 PM CST.

  2. The first quarter meeting of the DCA Board of Governors will be on Sunday, February 28, 2010 in Chicago, IL commencing at 8:00 PM CST.




    Mrs. Wagner made a motion that the meeting be adjourned at 4:25 PM CST. Seconded by Ms. Lightholder, the motion was approved unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Diana Skibinski
DCA Recording Secretary

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