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The DCA Board believes that it is important for the membership to have access to materials pertaining to the research that has been conducted concerning deafness in our breed. Researchers have established links between the breeding of unilaterally deaf Dalmatians and the incidence of deafness in the progeny, as well as a strong association between deafness and blue eyed Dalmatians.

We hope that you will familiarize yourself with and study the available information with regard to breeding decisions that you will make now and in the future. If you would like to have a copy of some or all of the listed articles, please send a check for $5.00, made payable to DCAF, to defray some of the costs associated with duplicating and mailing of materials to:

    Darlene Chirolas, Director
    Dalmatian Club of America Study Group on Hearing
    503 W. Washington
    Urbana, IL 61801-4051
    (217) 344-0032
    Darlene Chirolas

Listed below are a number of articles that pertain to the subject:

  1. Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association, 30:170-176 (1994): "Hereditary Deafness in the Dalmatian: Relationship to Eye & Coat Color," T. Greibrokk

  2. Journal Small Animal Practice 40: 193-200, 1999, "The Dalmatian Dilemma - white coat color and deafness, Dr. Bruce Cattanach, MRC Mammalian Genetics Unit, Harwell, Didcot, Oxfordshire, UK

  3. Veterinary Journal 2004 Jan; 167(1): 23-32., "Deafness prevalence and pigmentation and gender associations in dog breeds at risk." Strain GM.

  4. Veterinary Clinics of North America: Small Animal Practice - Special Issue: Pediatrics - July, 1999, "Congenital Deafness and Its Recognition," George M. Strain -

  5. The Veterinary Journal 166 (2003) 164-169, "Analysis of systematic effects on congenital sensorineural deafness in German Dalmatian dogs," Juraschko, K., et al.

  6. Mammalian Genome 7, 650-653 (1996), "A threshold model analysis of deafness in Dalmatians," Famula, T., et al.

  7. The Veterinary Journal 166 (2003) 105-106, "One hundred and one Dalmatians - the importance of being 'Patch'," Henley, W., et al.

  8. Unpublished paper, "Dalmatian Deafness in Australia," Dr. Margaret Farrera

  9. Preventative Veterinary Medicine 48 (2001) 15-24, "Gender effects in hearing loss in Dalmatians," Dr. Thomas R. Famula, Anita M. Oberbauer, D. Colette Williams.

  10. "Brainstem Auditory-Evoked Potential Assessment of Congenital Deafness in Dalmatians: Associations With Phenotypic Markers" authored by: George M. Strain, MS, PhD, Michael T. Kearney, MS, Ivan J. Gignac, Donald C. Levesque, DVM, Holly J. Nelson, DVM,* Bruce L. Tedford, MA, and Laura G. Remsen, MS, DVM. Reprinted from the JOURNAL OF VETERINARY INTERNAL MEDICINE, Vol. 6, No.3, May/June 1992

Please note that most of the above articles contain extensive lists of references that can be studied for background and additional information.

Listed below are a number of links to pertinent articles and papers that deal with the subject:

  1. Famula, Thomas R.; University of California Davis. Link to website pertaining to hearing and eye color in the Dalmatian. Website contains additional links to articles, tables and abstracts. http://cgap.ucdavis.edu/dalmatians.htm

  2. Strain, George M.; Louisiana State University. Link to website pertaining to hearing research. Website contains links to numerous papers and articles. www.lsu.edu/deafness/deaf.htm

  3. Wood, James L. N.; The British Animal Heath Trust. Background and statistics on deafness testing in the UK. Click on Site Map and scroll down to By Disease/Disorder in dogs to find Deafness. www.aht.org.uk


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